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Even after an agreement has been reached or an order of child support has been entered by a court, there may later come a time when circumstances change which necessitate and justify a modification, upward or downward in the amount of child support. What constitutes a "material" change of circumstances which justifies such a change is not as simple to determine as one might think, and the different scenarios are too numerous to fathom. For these reasons, the assistance of knowledgeable legal counsel can be most beneficial.

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Modifying Your Court Order

The following areas are the most common aspects of a court order which may be modified:

A material change in circumstances might include:

  • Loss of employment
  • Decrease or increase in wages
  • Day care expenses no longer incurred
  • Children with extraordinary medical expenses
  • Medical expenses that have come to an end
  • A parent moving out of state

Helping Clients Navigate the Complex Process of Modifications

Maryland has recently made changes to our state's child support guidelines for the first time since their inception approximately 20 years ago. This change came at an interesting time in that it coincided with record unemployment and home mortgage defaults, the tightening of available credit, and a dramatic decline in the value of retirement and non-retirement investments. Perhaps you have been impacted by some or all of these events and feel that a prior court order involving modifiable issues should be changed. If so it is essential that you hire a qualified attorney to help you navigate this process.

With more than 25 years of experience, I understand the nuances of modifications and what the court will look for when approving or denying such a request. I assist both sides of the issue, whether you seek to bring a modification or defend against one. With careful analysis of your current circumstances, I am able to advise on your legal position and best options for moving forward.

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