Enforcement and Contempt of Custody and Support Agreements

Marital dissolution can be a long and stressful process, filled with heightened emotions and uncertainty. Similar stress and uncertainty often results when unmarried parents engage in a war over their children. When such matters are resolved either by way of agreement or court decision, people usually feel a sense of relief and look forward to moving on with their lives. Unfortunately for some individuals, the battle continues as they must continue to deal with a less than cooperative ex-spouse or significant other who fails to comply with portions of their agreement or court order.

Whether you are dealing with issues relating to the non-payment of child support, his or her failure to transfer retirement assets, or interference with or denial of your custody rights, the Law Office of Fred Allentoff can help. Compliance with a court order is not optional and is potentially punishable by contempt. Similarly, an agreement is not simply a suggestion and is enforceable by the court in most instances. If the other party has breached an agreement or has failed to comply with the terms of a court order, a decision on whether to pursue enforcement and in what manner, must be made. These decisions can be extremely difficult to make on your own.

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When you enlist the help of my law firm, I work diligently to obtain a swift and fair resolution for your specific legal circumstances. I understand that you may be dealing with highly important issues such as money to support your children, or medical insurance for your family's well-being. I am skilled at navigating the post-divorce legalities of contempt and can help ensure that you receive everything to which you are legally entitled.

A Dedicated Lawyer Helping Clients Enforce Agreements and Court Orders

While I can help clients with enforcement of agreements and court orders, some of the top contempt issues I work on include:

  • Failure to contribute to children's college savings plan
  • Failure to maintain life insurance
  • Failure to maintain medical insurance
  • Failure to make required reimbursements
  • Failure to contribute to extraordinary medical expenses of a minor child
  • Failure to transfer post-divorce retirement assets
  • Failure to pay child support or alimony
  • Failure to abide by the child access provisions of the court order
  • Failure to abide by the joint legal custody requirements of an agreement or order

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